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1390 Holly Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212


Original Interiors & Design | Automotive Upholstery | Tritex Corp

Tritex offers the very best in original upholstery and leather interiors for convertibles and luxury vehicles in the Columbus, Ohio and Central Ohio areas.

Original Interiors

Carpeting and Trim

Vehicle interiors are filled with soft-trim pieces and carpeting. In most cases, Tritex can assess and provide options for your soft-trim issues. Carpet replacements can be installed using OEM carpet kits or after-market kits that are vehicle specific. Stop by today and let Tritex review your trim & carpet needs.


Saggy Headliners not only look bad but they can also dangerously divert your attention away from the road, creating the potential for accidents. At Tritex we have the experience necessary to restore your Headliner back to it's original condition.

Insurance Claims

Tritex has decades of experience dealing with insurance claim jobs. Tritex maintains good working relationships with many insurance representatives and adjusters in the region. If and when an insurance claim is needed on upholstery in your vehicle, Tritex is here to bring it back to its original luster.